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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024

Jenny Pullar

Jenny Pullar

Jenny Pullar
Landscape Lighting & Garden Design

Jenny originally trained in Architecture at Auckland University were she learned how to design in 3 dimensions. 

These skills were then taken to the wonderful world of Theatre LightingDesignwhere Jenny had a brilliant 15 year career living the dream’.

Work included Lighting Designs for 191 different productions in 12 different countries. 

Permanent positions were held as first Technical Director Forum North, Technical Director for Limbs Dance Co & Technical Manager for the English Dance Theatre well as lots of freelance work. 

A 1985 Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council grant enabled overseas travel &study including a Master Class with JosephSvoboda in Banff. 

Motherhood then changed everything! Stuck at home she became a born-again gardener. 

Jenny retrained in garden design at UNITEC & launched her LandscapeLighting & Garden Design business in 2000. 

Flower Show work included lighting several award-winning exhibits, Lighting DirectorforEllerslie Flower Show, and Exhibitions Co-ordinator for Auckland Flower Show 2008 and judging. 

Jenny completed a post-graduate Certificate in Engineering (Lighting) in 2007. 

Her IES Lighting Design Awards include the inaugural Dark SkyAward for Seymour Square in Blenheim. 

Jenny has now retired from all design work.





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