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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


Herne Bay

2013 Garden 6 - Herne Bay


Design Brief

This very new garden was inspired by gardens of California and by Florence Yoch who designed famous film sets like “Gone with the Wind” and gardens for mogul Hollywood producers.

On a much more modest scale the garden responds to the deco period of this landmark apartment building, circa 1920’s. There were many challenges to transform a barren overlooked space into the enchanted garden we have today.

In time bougainvillea will drape from wires as a vibrant veil, alluding to a greater depth of space. Callery pears will provide a pleached hedge to the exterior and a plethora of perennials with fill the air with perfume and hue.

The clients now have an abundance of wildlife and enjoy the simple daily pleasure of feeding tuis and doves.


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