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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


St Mary’s Bay

2017 Garden 14 - St Mary’s Bay


Design Brief

A heavy steel pivot door provides entry to this tiny courtyard - the entrance to a house owned by an artist with a love of sculpture. With this in mind, Trudy thought it seemed fitting to conjure a garden that celebrates art and symbolism. The design offers a respectfully modest nod to architect John Scott’s Futuna Chapel in Karori, as Trudysought to relate the sense of place that is St Mary’s Bay and the idea of being invited to enter an inner sanctum off a public street. A white-tree steel arbour makes a statement to the street while offering dappled shade within. It is an inverted kite with axes culminating in a cross, reflecting the sweeping roofline of Futuna. Here, Trudy was interested in analytical geometry of mathematics and in nature.Byzantine blue flowers are associated with the empress, royalty, peace, the colour of sky and heaven.The small rear garden with sculpture is also available to view.


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