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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2013 Garden 16 - Remuera


Design Brief

Ron became involved with this projectin 2011, as he had previously completed work for the client’s parents.
The brief was to create a totally integrated design including the re-design of the house, which will be stage 2 of the development, with constructionbeginning soon. The design brief was to include:

  • the street front wall and entry gates

  • to improve vehicle parking and turning spaces

  • to raise the garden terrace under the old oak tree 2m to make this space more connected

  • to create simple classical garden forms with various spaces and places to wander and contemplate; places for artworks, places to play, a place for the dog

  • to create an outlook from the house, with connections

  • to create private garden courts

  • to create kitchen garden terrace (work in progress)

The final stage of this property development is to be the re-shaping of the house, but the brief was to create the garden first as it would take time to establish whereas the building work would be more immediate.Once renovated, the design elements in the front gate will be reflected inthe architecture of the house. The modern classic style of this expansive garden is already impressive and will continue to develop over the coming years. The process of incorporating artworks has already begun with the installation of a Paul Dibble sculpture.


Natural Integration Ltd
Project Manager: Cory Dykman
021 620 050