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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024

Festival Organisers

The Auckland Garden DesignFest event is organised in joint effort between The Garden Design Society of New Zealand (GDSNZ), Rotary Newmarket, and Dove Hospice & Wellness.

The Rotary Club of Newmarket was formed in 1945 and since then its members have been involved in many community projects similar to the Auckland Garden DesignFest.

Rotary's main function as an organisation is to provide its members with the opportunity to be of service to the community either locally or internationally. There are over 30,000 Rotary clubs worldwide providing substantial benefits to mankind.

The Auckland Garden DesignFest is a project that will provide much needed funds to the selected charities so they can have the greatest positive influence for their communities. The Rotary Club of Newmarket is privileged to be associated with the Auckland Garden DesignFest.

The Garden Design Society of New Zealand was established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic professionals working in garden design practice and education. Members of GDSNZ came up with the idea for an Auckland Garden DesignFest after visiting the Melbourne event, run by the Rotary Club of Kew.

GDSNZ’s aims include:

  • Encouraging and advancing the practice of garden design

  • Furthering the teaching and study of garden design

  • Establishing itself as the professional body supporting and representing its members who work in this industry.

The Auckland Garden DesignFest is a perfect fit for achieving those aims and the Society is delighted to be associated with the Rotary Club of Newmarket in organising this unique event within NZ. Even more importantly, GDSNZ is thrilled to be playing its part in raising awareness of the charities supported by Rotary and helping to gather the funds they so badly need.

Dove Hospice & Wellness specialise in care that enhances holistic well-being from diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. We support people for whom a cure or remission is expected with our ‘return to wellness’ programmes, and also patients whose illness is no longer curable.





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