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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2015 Garden 16 - Ponsonby


Design Brief

Trish has worked closely with this client over a number of years on around 6 development properties so far. “His standards are very exacting and he requires the landscaping of the properties to work spatially and be executed to a high level. We have developed a great relationship and I think we are producing an amazing product. This is his family home, well - at the moment!” she says.

The brief for the property was to maximize the space and create a dynamic landscape. “We always try to balance everything. Pool, lawn and garden ratio is discussed endlessly. But at the end of the day it all has to work and have a great energy.”

In this property, as usual, they have pushed the boundaries, beginning with a green wall that extends and creates a unique view from within the dining room. Large picture windows are focussed on bamboo palms that screen neighbours and create horticultural pictures. A perfectly formed pool, pool side, fire and entertainment area and – yes – even a balance of lawn so that the kids can be accommodated are all included. “It is hard to get everything into a Ponsonby site but I think we do achieve that.”