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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2015 Garden 9 - Westmere


Design Brief

When designing the landscaping for this new house, Trish worked alongside architect, Jack McKinney, and the clients. They had lived on the property for a number of years and wanted to keep some of the existing planting, such as the palms in the back garden and a Nikau palm in the courtyard area. A mature titoki tree in the front was also to remain.

To complement the existing palms in the back garden, the clients wanted to develop a tropical Balinese feeling. With this in mind, Trish designed the pool with recessed planters to break up its rigid rectangular structure. By adding a fish pond between the courtyard and the house, combined with the tropical planting, she has created a unique, resort-like atmosphere.

The front garden is a series of retaining walls, clad with weathered steel, which complements the ferns, pongas, creepers and other native plants in this area.


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