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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2017 Garden 5 - Remuera


Design Brief

A quintessential family garden that combines areas of play with that sense of European formality an Arts & Crafts house in Remueradeserves. The structure of the garden has been dramatically changed over the last year to maximise all of the available space, as well as to create much needed indoor outdoor flow. A pool and spa and have been incorporated, along with entertaining areas and split level lawns for hotly contested games of cricket and flamboyant cartwheeling. Views out to Rangitoto have been opened up as a result, and provide an elegant back drop.

Planting is reminiscent of the gardens Keren visited at the Chelsea Flower Show when living in London, with strong structural planting to create privacy and an element of formality, while frothy perennials add a sense of playfulness with colour, seasonal interest and point of difference.