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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2017 Garden 8 - Parnell


Design Brief

Originally built in 1857 by Captain Lodge and his wife, in an area of Parnell then known as Emerald Hill,this listed Historic Places Trust home now sits in the remnants of the originalsettler’s garden,which once spread over several hectares, with paddocks, stables and an orchard,cared for over generations.The current owners bought the property in 2005 and have fully restored the historic home and grounds. They wanted to use the original garden framework but combine it with more contemporary, low maintenance planting.

As a result, the integrity of the garden has been kept intact, with a simple and charming layout of ancient fruit trees on a relaxed sloping lawn, a blend of native and exotic sub-tropical plants with a south pacific feel, overlooking the Waitemata from the front verandah. A swimming pool and stadium seating was installed in what was once the paved courtyard, and alongside the protected well and veggie garden beds. Over time, the renovations have taken on a contemporary approach so as to minimise maintenance.

Design completed with Rosemarie Dunning.

Installation and maintenance

The garden has been developed and maintained by the clients.