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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2017 Garden 9 - Parnell


Design Brief

Damian’s clients wanted their existing garden updated and refreshed so that it would connect more strongly with their interior living space. Existing paving, tiling and a large sculptural water feature were limiting use of space because of their varied levels and challenging maintenance. Plantings were generally either overgrown or poorly managed, although several semi-mature Nikau were to remain. In such a small outdoor area, the challenge was to design a fresh new garden which would maximise the useable area for outdoor entertaining, while also maintaining a lush and verdant feel.

A rich variety of textures within the planting and a restrained colour palette have more than satisfied the owners’ expectations. Views to and from the street and neighbouring buildings have been either cleverly highlighted or screened by the planting, but not at the expense of northern sunlight. Original features include a local stone wall at the entry, with extra stonework features introduced to give an added sense of structure and textural depth andinterest. Moveable planters give the owners a chance to inject seasonal colour as they wish.


Second Nature
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