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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


St Mary’s Bay

2019 Garden 1 - St Mary's Bay


Design Brief

The owners of this lovely property first became familiar with Trudy’s  designs through previous Auckland Gardendesign Festivals, of which one  garden belonged to friends.

They had a perfectly good courtyard garden but wanted more from it.
Trudy’s idea was to introduce some verve and dynamism to the space,  firstly pulling it apart and introducing asymmetry and engaging with  different levels to Babylonian effect “I wanted my clients to truly use  this space in a versatile way and to experience the garden by being in  it rather than viewing it as a static backdrop. We often sit with our  backs to a house looking out. I like to find places that are comfortable  to be in, where we can look back at the house and to where we become  part of the garden.”

A design inspiration came from photos the owners had taken of pavement  on an Italian holiday. “It reminded me of weaving, with a puzzle of  stone in differing sizes. So I used that as a cue and interpreted in a  South Pacific way with a juxtaposition of screens, water, planting, with  places to settle in.”

The arbour is a corten whare that is a favourite place to lounge under of an afternoon.

 This garden shows what can be achieved in a small space and still pack a punch!