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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2022 Garden 17 - Remuera


Design Brief

Nestled down a quiet right-of-way, this 2500 sqm property is one of Remuera's most “secret” gardens. 

Built to resemble an English homestead in 1997, this home has aged beautifully over time. The setting could not be more picturesque with borrowed landscape from both the neighbouring trees of St Kentigerns School to the east and sea views of Hobson Bay to the north.

The garden has been a work in progress and a labour of love for gardeners John and Alexandra Mckenzie. The northerly aspect and shelter from the southerly wind has created the perfect microclimate for planting a range of exotic and native species.

The garden reveals more as you progress down the site's three terraces. Landscape designer Alexander McClew was engaged to develop ‘the final piece of the puzzle’  - a two-tiered pond complete with a waterfall to hide an existing retaining wall. 

The client was keen to use old gnarly stone and wanted the pond to look 100 years old. Old moss-covered boulders were selected for their weathered appearance. The natural waterfall involved a lot of tinkering and testing before the final concrete was poured to set them in place.

Design: Alex McClew Landscape Design

Construction: Ace Landscapes

Maintenance: McKenzie Gardening