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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


Freemans Bay

2022 Garden 4 - Freemans Bay


Design Brief

Trish ( front garden)

When visiting friends and other gardens in Winn Rd I have become friendly with Bronny, the gardens owner, it’s a friendly little street! We often discussed plant choices and design layout options for her front garden to elevate what was a tired and disheveled area that didn’t do justice to the house. I have always admired her property and the gorgeous back garden she had worked on with Damian Wendelborn. Bronny has a great love of formal design which luckily suits her traditional villa. I helped Bronny by drawing up the layout for the front garden and discussing planting options. Bronny organised and selected the materials and planting and she has done a great job!

Damian (rear garden)

In 2011, the owners of this large heritage home approached Damian for assistance in refining their ideas for a large back yard. Top of the wish list was for a new swimming pool to be the focus for outdoor entertainment for their young and active family while other communing spaces such as a spa pool and an outdoor dining area with fireplace were also to be considered.

A generous degree of lawn was required to be retained for ball-sports and an old Oak tree carefully worked around.

The resulting design delivers a series of functional areas that all feel connected. The spaces read as crisp and clean while also acknowledging the historic architecture.

Pared-back planting favours form and foliage over flowers while traditionally inspired detailing and generous marble pool copings resonate with the heritage architecture. Pots and planters provide further texture and form as well as opportunities for seasonal displays.

Design: Trish Bartleet & Damian Wendelborn

Installation: Streeter Pools, 505 Construction

Maintenance: Owner

Photographic Images: Carme Aguayo Photography