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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024

Glenys Yeoman

Glenys Yeoman

Garden Borne

Glenys, BEdDipTchgDipLDProfAccredGDSNZ, came to Landscape Design from teaching young children. She was always very interested in the play aspect of learning. As a child grows, the complexity of the natural world can be the best instigator for the physical formation of rich connections in the brain.

She enjoys designing and making Play Gardens. Places where children can be. Sand and Water are two elements where there is not really a right or wrong – just hours of experimentation, trial and error, changing, moving, moulding, wet and dry. Add trees and plants for shade and light, seasonality, fragrance and the sensory world is open and rich.

Adding taste led to the start-up of the Garden to Table project atEast Tamaki School. Funds raised during the DesignFest will be used to help kids grow, harvest, prepare and share food grown at their own school.

As adults, the play is also important. People love to be together, to talk, laugh, eat, discuss. Glenys’s designs are very people, family and plant oriented.





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