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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024

Kerry Speirs

Kerry Speirs

Second Nature Gardens

Kerry has been an integral part of the Second Nature Design team since 2011 when she entered the landscaping industry after retraining from a previous career in Floristry. Her unique blend of design, plant and people skills enable her to work closely with clients to help them to transform their garden visions into reality. Kerry designs to reflect the individuality of each client and their unique garden spaces, which has resulted in a broad portfolio of interesting gardens which, in addition to the Auckland Garden DesignFest, have also been seen in the Heroic Garden Festival, Grand Designs and in magazines such as In Your Backyard, Life and Leisure and Urbis.

Ron Grosse: Ron is a true craftsman, with a fine arts degree and years of landscape construction experience. His speciality and passion lies in the blending of engineered and artistic elements to design and build bespoke sculptural landscape features and installations. His theme-work skills have seen him contribute to overseas projects in China, Japan, London and Edinburgh. Ron’s most prominent theme-work can be seen locally at Auckland Zoo. Chris Ballantyne: Creative Director





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