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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


Mt Eden

2019 Garden 11 - Mt Eden


Design Brief

A front garden brief to ‘do justice to the house’ saw us design to reveal and enhance previously hidden, heritage detailing.

Intended to be one of a kind, this gorgeous garden is unlike any other we have designed. It has visual richness, whimsical elements and despite its small size, features an interesting mix of unusual materials and bespoke detailing. 

Our careful planning and significant construction work to preserve original structures are now hard to comprehend beneath the finished landscaping, which successfully blends old and new in a seamless manner, including the planting which usestraditional plants in a colourful, contemporary way.

Sculptural Chicken Coop

Ron Grosse in conjunction with
Kerry Speirs & Chris Ballantyne.


Second Nature Gardens
09 524 6672


Second Nature Gardens
09 524 6672