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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2013 Garden 1 - Milford


Design Brief

Having done some study towards a diploma of landscape design at Unitec, the owner of this garden, Sue Lyons, drew up a concept plan, before calling in Humphreys Landscaping to help her turn it into reality. Humphreys describe the result as very much a collaborative effort, with their role being to provide the right level of advice on the practical difficulties of dealing with such a steep site, in particular: structural changes, layout of the stairs, positioning of walls and necessary retaining heights.

Sue had ideas about the plants she wanted for her coastal native garden and again, Humphreys were able to make suggestions on plant selection to minimise time spent on maintaining the beds built on the steep slope. The whole idea was to anchor the house into the barren hillside, making the most not only of the view to the ocean, but also inwards to the garden itself. Much of the stone was gathered on site and re-used, resulting in a beautiful serene lawn at sea level by the main door, with a series of terraces on either side and from the top entrance down to the house, unifying the whole effect. Subtle lighting enhances it all at night.


Humphreys Landscaping Ltd