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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


Western Springs

2013 Garden 9 - Western Springs


Design Brief

The priority with this garden, which is the designer’s own, was to make the most of the space afforded by the double-sized section, keeping the spaces sympathetic to the architecture of the traditional villa while bringing both house and garden into the 21st century. The villa underwent a comprehensive renovation including a contemporary pavilion extension. Maximising indoor/outdoor flow between this pavilion and a new terrace and pool area plus the lawn at the back was central to the project.

Privacy was important, together with simple functional living spaces to accommodate a growing family. Ideally the garden was to be low maintenance, with colour in the form of foliage and subtropical plants, plus vegetables and fruit.

An enormous existing 100-year-old oak tree in the expansive back lawn was retained so that the family could enjoy its shade in summer, the seasonal changes and its attraction to birdlife. This vast lawn area has now become an exceptionally inviting and generous space for children to play in. “The kids can dabble at gardening, and I have my worm farm and an area for the bins and bags where all the leaves and acorns are kept,” says Deb. “Best of all, the garden is fun, manageable and makes the most of the sunny aspect afforded by the large site near the top of the slope.”


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