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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2017 Garden 10 - Parnell


Design Brief

Although they had a strong vision for their front garden, the ownersof this property realised that they needed the layout to work, without compromising the open flow and balance of the new overall space.

Multifunctional design provided the answer – the car port wall on one side is the fireplace on the other; the covered verandah extends to outdoor dining; and in most unorthodox fashion, the private courtyard doubles up as the front path.

Getting all the finishes and details right was important. The contrasting textural finishes of the concrete help define spaces. Architectural detail from the house was borrowed in the form of new columns that now hold the cedar rafters over the verandah. The disparity in levels was carefully resolved.

The end result is a natural fit – a seamless integration of spaces that is in harmony with both the built form and the owners’ needs; the success of which is underlined by the healthy collaboration between the clients and the design & install team from Mace Landscapes.

Whether it’s morning sunshine on the verandah, an afternoon barbeque, evening by the fireplace or night time’s garden lighting, the owners enjoy their new garden.


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