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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2017 Garden 3 - Kohimarama


Design Brief

Tucked away on a back section, accessed by a driveway, this Kohimarama garden is an excellent example of the challenges created by restricted space. Every centimetre counts, withthe narrow side garden areas becoming equally as visually important as the main garden and lawn on the private north side of the house.

A raised garden bed of dramatic subtropical planting close to the front entranceenlivens arrival. This then narrows to edge a path leading to a contemplative garden looked down on from the morning deck and kitchen.

Retaining was required to create a lawn and garden the owners could enjoy from theirliving area. This opens out to a sunny deck, with inviting steps leading down to the garden.

Planting is largely evergreen and strong in form, the maple being the exception to provide some seasonal change. Palms connect to others in adjacent gardens; the verticality of the trunks and hedging contrast with low planting to give a three dimensional form to the garden.


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Second Nature – hedge trimming