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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024

Joanna Hamilton

Joanna Hamilton

Joanna Hamilton Landscape Design

Joanna has been designing gardens in the greater Auckland area for 17 years, since graduating from Unitec with a Diploma in Landscape Design. 

Her projects include large and small city gardens, courtyard and apartment gardens, country and coastal properties. She loves the problem solving aspect of her work and tends to 'live and breathe' each project she is working on to create a garden that is special and unique for its owners. 

Listening to her clients carefully is an important part of achieving a happy outcome. In her mind, when designing, are the garden’s more subtle aspects, such as light and shade, scale and proportion, which can work together to delight and lift the spirit. She also appreciates the importance of sound site analysis and workable solutions. 

Joanna strives to design gardens that read well on installation, but will increase in beauty and atmosphere as they mature. She loves working with both soft and hard landscaping elements, developing the interplay between the two. 

Joanna's gardens have featured in Home and New Zealand Gardener magazines and in the NZ Herald. Her work has largely been in urban and greater Auckland but she has also designed rural and semi-rural gardens in Northland, Waikato and Canterbury.





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