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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2022 Garden 1 - Takapuna


Design Brief

A layered garden which descends steeply from street to lakeside. The garden wraps around a sturdy 1970s house and pool, with the piece de resistance being the planting and path directly above and beside Lake Pupuke. Plant design by Kirsten Sach Landscape Design & Adam Evans from Urbis Landscape over a 3-year period of gradual extension and integration, has resulted in a rich mix of sub-tropical and temperate plants, both clipped and natural, as one progresses to the water’s edge.

"On first seeing Francis and Robyn’s Property back in 2015 we did not know the size of the job we were taking on. We were asked to plant the front garden after a design by Kirsten Sach had been drawn. 

Terrible soil from old cypress was replaced by trucks of new rich soil and planting commenced. A new relationship between myself and Francis started- we "talked the same language" about plants and respect for the garden. That would take us on a journey over the next 4 years.

It was over a year later that they approached me again to plant the lower bank on the water after they had all the larger trees removed and a troublesome Pohutukawa to get their lake view back. 

Again, a lovely plant design by Kirsten Sach, implemented by Urbis. This time with all materials being carried through their garage as we worked on the (north)lake side of the property.  Irrigation was essential and mulch 10 months to keep the garden from drying out on those hot summer days.

The final stretch of work came another year later with the full landscape renovation including the pool, decks and tile areas. New layout of steps, pergola on water front and concrete boardwalk. All materials again being carried through the garage and down to the water. Beautiful Travertine tiles from Turkey were laid and the pool given a new plaster and tiles. The garden was a whole new look for Francis and Robyn to enjoy with their family for years to come with colour now flooding into the gardens.

I still visit the garden many times a year and enjoy catching up with Francis and Robyn walking through the garden looking at areas of improvements or just enjoying what we have created together." Adam

The garden was featured in a story about Resene colours used in gardens - check out this link:

Design: Kirsten Sach Landscape Design & Adam Evans, Urbis Landscapes

Landscape Construction and maintenance: Urbis Landscapes

Photographic Images: Carme Aguayo Photography