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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2022 Garden 18 - Kohimarama


Design Brief

A single Cercis placed in front of the striking red house is the entrance to the garden. Beautifully made wooden steps lead through the herb and vegetable garden beneath palms, cordyline and subtropicals to the main lawn. A simple swathe of green complements the strong colours of the house. A tall trimmed hedge of titoki and palms frame the pool and the garden has a sheltered intimate feel surrounded by neighbourhood trees. The garden was designed by Ministry of Ground.

Dan wanted to complement the architectural home with a contemporary garden.

He used concrete, basalt, gabion rock and charred Japanese cedar. These strong hardscape elements have been softened by the planting.  Colour and privacy are important in this garden with masses of single plants to give more impact and accent the feature plants.

Design: Dan Mackay & Steve Gleye Ministry of Ground

Construction/Installation: Ministry of Ground

Maintenance: Ministry of Ground