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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024



2022 Garden 8 - Avondale


Design Brief

Designer, owner Jenny Pullar embraced as a sustainable design challenge to work with existing situation including 1960’s house with brown stained deck railing. 

In the interconnected garden rooms, colour is key - pink & orange flowers in the entry courtyard. From the deck Cotinus arch over broad steps into the main garden with purple flowers & foliage plus green & cream with mosaic stepping stones in a no-mow fine fescue lawn. There is also an orchard area and a secret courtyard.

The garden is a mix of leafy sub-tropicals,  with fruiting and deciduous trees including an orchard, berry cage, large Cotinus trees, small palm courtyard, and hunza lighting. A large neon spiral artwork and a corten sheet gate add to the interest of this singular garden.

Design: Jenny Pullar

Installation: Andrew Collins Designer Gardens

Mosaics: Joy Glasgow

Maintenance: Jenny Pullar