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23-24 NOVEMBER 2024


Mt Eden

2022 Garden 9 - Mt Eden


Design Brief

In 1925, this small workers' bungalow was built in a new Mt Eden subdivision on rocky volcanic farmland. While the house and small front garden are at street level the back garden slopes down to what was previously a small stream. The retained area under the garden shed was once where sheep were gathered for loading into trucks accessed from what is now the neighbouring property.

After its purchase in 2012, it became a flat for new university grads and the outdoors was used as a storage yard for the designer’s landscape business.

The garden evolved with the aim of providing fruit for the inhabitants and plants and objects left over from landscape projects elsewhere were incorporated.

The more formally planted front garden features a persimmon tree and low-maintenance ground cover. The design of the rear was determined by the existing aged concrete and rock retaining walls. Selected trees were retained for privacy and screening and interplanted with the fruit trees and plants that would grow happily on a well-drained site. 

The large trees create a shady home for plants on the lower boundary, while the upper garden surrounding the deck has all-day sun. The outdoor table and deck have a vista over the garden as well as distant views to Mt Eden.

Garden Design and Planting: Barbara Garrett

Maintenance: Obrien Garden Care and Owner

Photographic Images: Carme Aguayo Photography